Coco Point Lodge is located on its own secluded 164-acre peninsula on the southernmost tip of the island of Barbuda.  Bordered by miles of pristine pink/white sand beaches, Coco Point sits with the Caribbean Sea on the west and the Atlantic on the east.  Barbuda is just 27 miles north of Antigua, a quick 12-minute flight.

The resort is edged by 2½ miles of spectacular white-sand beach and boasts safe, reef-protected swimming in crystal-clear Cocoa Bay.  The island of Barbuda is blessed by temperate trade winds and a balmy climate.  Ringed by coral reefs and historic shipwrecks, it is also home to an exotic array of bird life, including a nesting colony of rare frigate birds.  (Learn more about visiting the Frigate Bird Sanctuary as part of your stay.)

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Antigua & Barbuda are a twin-island nation in the West Indies in the Eastern Caribbean, in the middle of the Leeward Islands of the Lesser Antilles.  The small 62-square mile coral limestone island sits just 17 degrees north of the Equator.  Barbuda is largely undeveloped and has a population of just 1,600, most of whom live in the island’s one village, Codrington.  All of the staff at Coco Point Lodge are native Barbudans who commute from Codrington to work via a provided shuttle.