Our philosophy at Coco Point is as simple as our staff motto, “No Problem.”  Our philosophy has two pillars: family and tradition.  Our philosophy is that family is everything, and tradition should be honored and valued always.


We are a family at Coco Point.  The resort has been family-owned and family-run since our founding 56 years ago, and by three generations of the Kelly Family.  The Coco Point family includes every single member of our team, from the ladies in our laundry, to the Captain and First Mate on our deep-sea fishing boat, to the chefs and cooks and dishwashers in our kitchen, to our General Managers.

The overwhelming majority of our family members are from Barbuda.  They were born here, they grew up here, and they proudly live here.  And we are proud to have the opportunity to share the beauty and the majesty of Barbuda with them, and to be guests on this breathtaking island they call home.  Multiple generations of the same families have worked at Coco Point over the half-century of its history.  Warmth and hospitality are in our blood and in the bloodlines of all of us, and we love welcoming guests to experience all that Coco Point has to offer.  Coco Point is all about family, and families have always been welcome at Coco Point and they always will be.


We take tradition as seriously as we take family.  Coco Point has not changed a whole lot over the last 56 years and we intend to keep it that way.  We love Coco Point the way it is, and so have the generations of guests who have been coming to us for so many years, in some cases, as long as 30, 35, even 40 years.  We are very proud of our traditions, and they are traditions to uphold.

Coco Point provides the ultimate in relaxation and privacy, and it is luxurious without being too fancy, it is refined without being stuffy, it is in vogue and yet still understated.  Our guests do not come to Coco Point to be seen — they come to Coco Point to do the seeing, some to open their eyes, and all to marvel in the view.  Coco Point has not changed a whole lot over the last 56 years because it got it right the first time.  Simple, special, and exceptional, and experiences to savor and remember — that is the Coco Point tradition, has and always will be.