Frequently Asked Questions


Are children welcome at Coco Point? Are babies?

Yes, of course!  It can be a special treat to have many generations spend time at Coco Point together.  We have cribs and high chairs available for little ones.


Are there church services available nearby?

A non-denominational prayer service is held Sunday mornings in the main lodge.  Holy Trinity Church in Codrington has Anglican services on Sunday morning.  Note that there is no Catholic church on the island of Barbuda.  If you wish to attend services at Holy Trinity Church, please book your trip with a receptionist at the front desk the day before.


What is the policy on cell phone use at Coco Point?

Our "unwritten" policy is that we ask guests to be discreet and seek out privacy when using cell phones at Coco Point to avoid disturbing other guests who hope to escape from their everyday lives, obligations, and work.  Cell phones have the potential to disrupt the atmosphere of peace and tranquility, so we encourage guests to take a walk elsewhere on property when talking on them for any length of time.

Is there WiFi (wireless internet) available?

Yes - all guest rooms and public spaces have WiFi.  Some guests choose to bring their own laptop or tablet with them to Coco Point.  For those choosing to leave these devices at home, there is a laptop with Internet access for guest use available in the card room/library and is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Is there cell phone service available at Coco Point?

There is adequate cell phone coverage throughout Coco Point, as Barbuda has two cell phone towers.  Please be sure to note that international calling rates and other roaming charges or connection fees may apply.

In the event of an emergency, how can others reach us while at Coco Point?

The front desk can be reached at (268) 720-8388.   The back-up number is (268) 720-8332 and rings in the General Managers' office.


What time is lunch served?

Luncheon is served in the dining room between 12:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m.  Three days a week enjoy a light, healthy barbecue lunch.  Picnic lunches can be arranged in conjunction with daytime excursions; place your request at the front desk the previous evening.

What time is dinner served?

Dinner is served in the dining room between 7:30 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.  If you wish to join other guests for dinner, please inform the Head Waiter or the front desk before 6:00 p.m. so that arrangements can be made.

What time is breakfast served?

Breakfast is served in the dining room between 6:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m.  Sunday breakfast features a special brunch including international dishes.

What if we are celebrating a special occasion?

We are honored to be part of your special occasion!  Please let us know when you make your reservation how we can best help you celebrate at Coco Point.  We love celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, honeymoons, family reunions, holidays and more!  For example, our chefs can prepare a special meal, cake, or other dessert for the occasion.  If there's anything else we can do, please let us know in advance.

What if I have any dietary restrictions?

We are happy to accommodate our guests in every way we can.  Please make us aware in advance of any special dietary considerations or allergies.

Is room service available?

You can choose to take breakfast either at the lodge or in your room.  Room Service breakfast can be served on your patio between 7:45 a.m. and 9:30 a.m.  Please give your order to your server the previous evening after dinner.  In-room breakfast is included at no additional charge.


What is the dress code at Coco Point?

Appropriate attire for Coco Point is comfortable and casual.  Jackets and ties are not required.  For lunch, we ask ladies to please wear a cover-up and gentlemen to wear a collared shirt with sleeves.  For cocktail hour and dinner, ladies usually wear a sundress or blouse with slacks and gentlemen wear a button-down shirt.  We request that caps or visors not be worn inside the lodge.


What is the electrical system at Coco Point?

Electrical current outlets in all rooms are 110 volts.  Outlets are standard North American style.


What entertainment is part of a typical stay?

On Saturday evenings, enjoy a special buffet and barbecue with dancing to a local steel band performing on the beach. The traditional guest sailboat race takes place at 11:30 a.m. on Sundays – all guests are welcome to join the fun.  Teams are two per boat, and if needed, a partner can always be found. Check the reception area for postings of special events scheduled during your stay –  These can include wine tasting parties, visits and exhibitions from local artists, and guest musicians.

Medical Services

What medical services are available?

Any medical problems occurring between 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. should be addressed to the front desk or office.  At any other time, please do not hesitate to knock on the front door of the manager’s cottage, which is located behind the south tennis court.  There is a hospital on Barbuda in the town of Codrington if needed.  For those with specific concerns, you may consider the services provided by MedjetAssist.


What should I be sure to pack? What can I leave at home?

Don't forget your bathing suit and sunscreen, and some cool comfortable clothing.  For cocktail hour and dinner, we request that guests wear collared shirts.  You can see some of the amenities that we provide for you.


Is tipping included in the price of your stay?

We add a 10% service charge to your final bill for our staff.  All staff members are aware that there is a no tipping policy.  Please do not spoil our system.

Are there any hidden fees?

No.  The only fees in addition to the room rates are our 10% Service Charge and 12.5% Antigua Hotel Taxes.  The only items/services we charge extra for are Champagne (on consumption, by the bottle), cigars and cigarettes, and excursions/day trips to other parts of the island of Barbuda that require a driver and/or guide.

Safety and Security

Are there any safety or security concerns?

For your safety, we strongly recommend you do not swim at night. Guests are reminded that there is no Sunfish sailing outside the line of red buoys. Please be careful not to touch ropes which anchor the rail and buoys to the sea bed. All young children must wear life jackets when in and on the water. The Caribbean sun is rather intense, despite the lovely breeze.  We suggest that you take in small doses the first few days, so you don’t burn.  Use plenty of lotion and sunscreen. Each accommodation has a key operated safe available to hold valuables.


What is the weather like at Coco Point?

In a word, perfect!  We have some more information on our website.