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Irma Update 4

Last Saturday Barbuda was gratefully spared from a direct hit by Hurricane Jose. All Barbudans are safely in Antigua. How long exactly they all will remain there before they are allowed to return to Barbuda has not yet been determined as it is currently unsafe for them in Barbuda. But, the most important thing is our Barbudan team members, their families, friends, and neighbors are safe, and they are receiving tremendous care, help, and support from their wonderful countrywomen and men of Antigua who are hosting them.

Coco Point Fund – Sept 10 2017

Dear Guests and Friends of Coco Point Lodge and Barbuda,

My family and I thank you for the hundreds upon hundreds of messages, emails, calls, and texts that we have received since Hurricane Irma hit Barbuda this past week. So very many of you have asked what you can do to help Barbudans. What you can do is to please give tax-deductible donations to The Coco Point Fund.

The Coco Point Fund is a 501 (c) (3) exempt organization founded and run by guests of Coco Point Lodge. The Board of The Fund sent an appeal letter for Irma Relief via email to many of you on Friday. However, to ensure that all of our guests and friends for whom we have email addresses receive this letter, we are also sending it. The letter is included below.

Please share and forward this letter to all of your family and friends who might consider giving.

We have been providing updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and encourage you to like and/or follow us to make sure you receive these messages.

On behalf of the Kelly Family, the General Managers of Coco Point Ray and Denise Doherty, all of the members of the Coco Point team, their families, friends, and neighbors, thank you so much for giving what you can at this time of Barbuda’s extraordinary need.

Best regards,
Chapin Kelly
Coco Point Lodge
Barbuda, West Indies


Irma Update #3

Today the Barbudans who were willing to leave Barbuda were evacuated to Antigua. Hundreds of them were flown from Kelly Field at Coco Point to Antigua. They had to leave Barbuda because tomorrow another hurricane will hit Barbuda, Hurricane Jose. Please continue to keep all of the Barbudan people in your thoughts and prayers for their safety and security through a second hurricane this week.

Irma Update #2

Thank you for so very many of you emailing and calling to ask what you can do for our Coco Point team members in Barbuda, their families, friends, and neighbors. Shortly, The Coco Point Fund will be sending a letter via email about how and where donations can be directed to best and fastest get those funds to all of the Barbudan people who are so very much in need. We will all be so grateful for all of the help and support you can give.

Irma Update #1

Thank you for all of your messages, emails, calls, and texts — we are receiving all of them and grateful for all of your love and support of our team, the people of Barbuda, and Coco Point. Communication with Barbuda is still limited, but we are seeing reports that despite the severity of the storm there appears to have only been one fatality. We are monitoring the situation and working to get more information and will keep you updated.